While we are not aware of anyone having issues for using our shields -day or night- this article discusses the general nature of those laws and is not intended to be about the enforcement/legitimacy thereof.

Much like the “helmet laws”, laws regarding riding with LED lights vary from state-to-state.  In most states it is permitted to ride with the additional LEDs provided the LEDs comply with that state’s regulations.  Those regulations most commonly are: no blinking or flashing lights; no red or blue lights. Some states can get more restrictive, so we encourage you to check your local laws to ensure that what you order is permitted where you live.  There are a number of websites with links to the various LED laws by state, so the information is now readily available via a simple internet search. 

In any event, if you have any questions- or ride into a state with a different set of laws- you can always turn the windshield off.  It really is that simple. While most people have the windshields wired to burn when the bike is running, it can just as easily be equipped with an “on/off” switch- leaving you in complete control of the situation. The choice is yours.

[As you can expect, most states do not have any restrictions on the use of LEDs while parked. You want to go to the Harley Museum for Bike Night (or any other rally) to show off your new iShield while you walk around? Not a problem. And, since our shields draw so little power, you can leave them on for extended periods of time without worry.]

Our customers have included: veterans, police officers, military personal, teachers, factory workers, lawyers, etc.  And the one thing they all have in common-they just want to make their own statement in a really bad-ass way.  That’s why iShields are so popular. 

Now that that’s addressed, it’s time to Light Your Passion. Visit our shop or email us with any questions.